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Elevate your game this summer at one of our 2019 Summer offerings! We offer Summer Camps from beginner to advanced players as well as a competitive FIRE League! 

2019 Summer Camp info - HERE!

2019 FIRE League info - HERE!

Registration must be completed before coming to evaluations.

FIRE League Evaluations

Sunday, June 2nd - Location: St. Peter (111 W. Olive)

Girls 5th Grade: 6-6:30pm

Boys 3rd Grade: 6:30-7pm

Boys 4th Grade: 7-7:30pm

Boys 5/6th Grade: 7:30-8pm

Tuesday, June 4th - Location: The Orchard (1330 N. Douglas Ave, Arlington Heights) 

Girls 3/4th Grade: 6-6:30pm

Make up ALL Grades: 6:30-7:30pm

Please register for the year entering 2019-2020

Ignite Hoops

At Ignite Hoops our vision is to train up the "entire athlete" through high intensity training, camps, and teams.  These competitive, fast paced basketball programs will be taught by experienced coaches who stress the importance of teamwork, humility, and integrity.

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Ignite Hoops Nets Adidas as Sponsor!!

See Press Release below