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Skill Training

Spring Training 2019

1-3rd Grade Boys: FULL

4-5 Grade Boys: FULL

4-5 Grade Girls: FULL

6-8 Grade Girls: FULL

High School Elite: FULL

Boys Spring Training Schedule Click HERE

Girls Spring Training Schedule Click HERE

Grades 1-3

Join us for a fun and energetic session of fundamental basketball! Open to all levels as groups will be broken into grades and skill level making sure even the more advanced players will be challenged. At the 1st and 2nd grade level the focus will be on beginner skills and drills with and without the ball including proper footwork and shooting technique as well as understanding the rules of basketball. The 3rd grade athletes will begin to move to more intermediate moves and drills with an emphasis on attack moves, 2 ball skills, shooting, and passing. Fundamentals will be the focus at all levels spring training. Groups are small allowing for personal instruction from our coaches while allowing players to get in high numbers of reps!

Grades 4-5

These grade levels will begin to focus on more intermediate fundamentals, including attack moves, efficiency with fakes, and footwork. They will begin moving into understanding shots and advantage situations, working on passing in the open court and within half court offenses. This session is open to all skill levels, but groups will be broken up to ensure more advanced players will be challenged and beginners will feel comfortable. Players will receive quality, high energy instruction from our group of experience coaches. 

Grades 6-8th 

These athletes will start to focus on more advanced moves to the basket, complex combination moves and intermediate moves off the ball. There will be a focus for 8th grade on high school preparation skills. Groups will be broken up and drills will be unique per grade level. The head coach will work to understand the goals for individual athletes in this skill program. This is not a beginner class and the pace will be fast and high energy. 






Elite High School Training

This advanced offering is for serious high school basketball players. This 1 1/2 hour season is broken up into 2 parts: 1. Advanced Skills 2. Instructed Scrimmage.  The first hour of work is all advanced skill training with groups divided up by skill level. After practicing the skill we believe it is extremely helpful to then practice the skills immediately in game play situations in the half and full court. The last 30 minutes the group will benefit from this instructed scrimmage. Spots are limited to only 15 athletes per session. Approval is needed for 8th grade participation.