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FIRE League

Thank you for a great SUMMER in our 2019 FIRE LEAGUE!!!

Join us next summer for another fun experience!!  

Ignite Hoops Fire League

This league is for boys grades 3rd-6th and girls grades 3rd-5th. Register for the grade entering in the 2019-2020 school year. Each player will be placed on a team of his/her same age and compete against their same grade level, with the exception of 5th and 6th grade boys who will be combined. Why is it called the Fire League? Fire means four in Norwegian. This is a 4 on 4 competitive full court league geared toward a more intermediate to advanced player. 

This league is designed to work with families and busy summer schedules. If you are gone for a few weeks and will miss, no problem. Since teams have 6-9 players and all teams are running the same simple offensive concepts you son or daughter will not feel like they are lost on the court. 

Cost for the league is $95. Due to the low cost, we will not prorate for weeks missed. This will be the cost if you attend all or only a few games and practices.

Who are the coaches?

Each team will have a college student coach who will go through a training program while also being mentored by our lead coaches at Ignite. Many of these coaches have been involved at Ignite for a few years have played the game in high school and some in college. They are excited to coach your kids! The kids really enjoy having these young men and women to look up to as their coaches!


Why play 4 on 4?

There are so many reasons why playing 4 on 4 league is important to an athletes growth, but here are the top 3:

  1. Get more touches with the ball - athletes at this young age need to have the ball in their hands to improve skills and learn to make better decisions. Through playing 4 on 4 they are more likely to handle the ball and not get lost in the mix as often happens in 5 on 5 at this age.
  2. Structured freedom - kids need more freedom to make good decisions AND make mistakes! With this conceptual approach, the offensive system is kept SIMPLE so they focus more on making the right pass, moving without the ball and reading and reacting to their defense rather than remembering the offensive set.
  3. Great conditioning! - the games are only 40 minutes long, but in 4 on 4 they will feel it! 


What is the format for 4 on 4? 

Each team will be taught the same basketball offensive and defensive concepts as well as fundamentals. This is not a skill development league and does not take the place of our Ignite Summer Camps which will focus solely on skill development. Practices will run 1 hour each week and be combined with 1-2 other teams. The league will run for 5 weeks. Each team will play 2 games per day (40 min each game) for a total of 10 games. Games will be played in the afternoon or evening during the week. We will have referees and keep score. Every team will have about 8 players and be assigned a head coach. T-shirt jerseys will be included in the cost.