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About our Workouts

Each Ignite workout is programmed to run about 15-20 minutes. Difficulty levels range from 1-5 with 5 being the most challenging. Level 5 workouts are geared toward the more advanced players while Level 1 can be completed by an athlete newer to the game.

If you click on drills which need a demo you will see an underlined link attached. Enjoy our homemade  videos, sunglasses, mistakes and loving comments from siblings. We will be adding workouts frequently so keep checking back in! 

Also check out the quick hit ball handling and shooting drills which we included to use "a la carte" to create your own workout.

Please let us know how you are enjoying the workouts and if there is more of a certain category you would like to see.

If you are able to record videos of any of these workouts please send them along to 

Ball Handling Drills

Warm Up - Drills to start with for any skill level. It is all about the intensity with this one.

2 Ball Drills - Great drills geared toward the more intermediate player

Killer Challenge - 150 Dribbles, get yourself mentally ready for this one!


Shooting Drills

2020 Vision Shooting - Highly recommended, this video is from our friends at PGC. 

2 Up 2 Back - If passer not available, use the pass to self spin to step into the ball. Start close, 6-8 feet before backing up to your range.

Improve Scoring - Balance shooting drill to challenge your stability while maintaining form.

Full Shooting Workout - Pass to self shooting, getting open off the dribble

Lay Up Challenge - Make 10 in a row

Pro Workout Combo Drills/Attack Moves - First step moves and finishing.

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